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Tender Stage:


We work with your team to prepare detailed tender program as per tender requirements using Primavera P6.

Includes details of proposed staging of works, resource allocation and sequencing of design, procurement and construction activities.

Pre-Construction Stage:

Project Controls Setup

A robust project controls system is crucial to the management of contractual risk. Integration of design deliverables, procurement and construction planning allows proactive management of contractual risk, and enables projects to be delivered safely, on time and on budget, with minimal stress for the construction team.  

Construction Stage:

Time Management and Reporting

We establish a clear project baseline, and from this closely monitor construction progress. This stage involves regular meetings with the site based team to ensure that all relevant data is recorded in a structured fashion, and any delays, potential delays or changes to the baseline are being managed in a proactive way to ensure the best for project outcome. 

We use Primavera P6 to monintor and track project progress and key deliverables or contractual milestones. We can deliver formal written progress reports or custom dashboards to provide the client with an overview of construction progress. 

Construction stage services include:

  • Development of tender stage plan into detailed construction programme.

  • Development of contract programme and site target programme.

  • Integration of design and procurement deliverables with construction activities.

  • Integration of safety measures and milestones into the programme.

  • Establishment of contract baseline and key milestones.

  • Resource allocation.

  • Integration of key subcontractor/supplier programmes into baseline construction programme.

  • Monitoring of subcontractor/supplier performance against the baseline.

  • Scheduling of any phasing or zoning restrictions as outlined in contract conditions.

  • Preparation of progress reports as per client requirements.

  • Ongoing monitoring of actual progress against baseline programme with the site team. 

  • Preparation of “what-if” programmes to allow the project management team to understand the impact of various scenarios or options available and allow best for project decisions.

  • Preparation of impacted programmes for delays or compensation events.

  • As-built programmes at completion of works.

Delay Analysis

Construction projects are often subject to delays which can have profound financial implications. We work with our clients to prepare and assess  extension of time requests and claim management. 

We use forensic analysis and critical path methods techniques to understand how the planned schedule was impacted by the delay and determine the resulting impact on the project. Ongoing regular monitoring is vital to accurately and efficiently develop these impacted program assessments to represent a delay claim comprehensively.

Delay analysis services include: 

  • Assessment of programmes to review logic on the project development.

  • Ongoing programme maintenance in partnership with the site team throughout the project to capture changes and delays as they occur.

  • Critical path analysis.

  • (As-planned vs. as-built preparation programmes) and supporting narratives to improve non-regulate events.

  • Assistance in the development of an extension of time and compensation event claims. 

Planning and Project Controls

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